Specific services:

Solicit donations to provide financial assistance for rent, food, clothing, utilities and emergency food donation for veterans and needy families.

Referrals to employment workshops and job readiness training

Workshops facilitated by other social service providers and community-based organizations

Referrals to substance abuse programs (outpatient and impatient services), legal services, vocational programs, clothing distribution centers

Referrals to support groups for PTSD and stress management

Veterans Jobs

              Hire a Veteran


Our veterans are in need of employment. Employers please contact us if you have jobs available for veterans. We will screen the potential applicant that matches your company's need and put them in contact with you.


Thank you for putting our veterans back to work.



Company Contact Information


Please email your company information and job description to vcs_atl@yahoo.com.


Veterans seeking employment


Veterans seeking employment should email us at vcs_atl@yahoo.com.  Attach a resume if you have one.

Job searches