Specific services:

Solicit donations to provide financial assistance for rent, food, clothing, utilities and emergency food donation for veterans and needy families.

Referrals to employment workshops and job readiness training

Workshops facilitated by other social service providers and community-based organizations

Referrals to substance abuse programs (outpatient and impatient services), legal services, vocational programs, clothing distribution centers

Referrals to support groups for PTSD and stress management

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Events to be announced later

Truly Living Well Garden Seminar

Truly Living Well held a fall gardening  class August 25, 2012.  Mr. Rashid Nuri ,  (Founder of Truly Living Well)  was the instructor. This class  provided a foundational knowledge to begin your own garden.  The goal was for students to gain an overview of natural & organic agricultural methods through hands on teaching. 


Mr. Rashid gave a backgrounf of himself and the Truly Living Well organization. We then took a tour of the garden where Mr. Rashid explained the importance of preparing your soil before planting.  He detailed the composting process and showed the class several compost techniques within the garden. 


We saw first hand how to layer our compost pile with materials that are normaly thrown into the garbage every day.  He showed us how one man's trash is truly another man's treasure.  When I look at trash now, I see gold. 


The class was very informative and I urge everyone to take the next class.  Visit www.trulylivingwell.com for more information.


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