Specific services:

Solicit donations to provide financial assistance for rent, food, clothing, utilities and emergency food donation for veterans and needy families.

Referrals to employment workshops and job readiness training

Workshops facilitated by other social service providers and community-based organizations

Referrals to substance abuse programs (outpatient and impatient services), legal services, vocational programs, clothing distribution centers

Referrals to support groups for PTSD and stress management

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To the world you might just be one person.  To one person you might just be the world

VCS (Veterans for Community Services), a 501(c3) not for profit organization, is committed to assisting veterans that experience social, physical and economical challenges. We assist military personnel, veterans and families dealing with issues that include social readjustment, housing and employment, applying for disability compensation, access to substance abuse and mental health treatment. Your donation will immediately assist a veteran in making this crucial readjustment that is needed to reestablish a normal life. All donations are tax deductible. Please click on Current Needs to choose the need you specifically want to donate to. Your donation will aleviate a recipients needs.  No cash is given to any recipient. All recipients are screened for qualification.


You can donate anonymously or as a registered donor.  You must register if you desire to be a recipient of our services. 




VCS is hosting a new program for veterans," Talking Service".   This program will give you the opportunity to reflect on your service and the challenges you’ve encountered during your transition from military to civilian life.  Groups will meet to discuss war literature and issues faced by soldiers, past and present.

Standing Down: "From Warrior to Civilian" is a new reading and discussion program for veterans, providing a space for them to reflect on their service as well as the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from active duty to civilian life. In the program, veterans read and discuss a series of thematically related works of literature over the course of four, five, or six sessions.


Email Hamin Dawan at vcs_atl@yahoo.com for information


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Current Needs

Veterans for Community Services is working to establish a community garden on land donated by an elementary School in Atlanta GA.  The garden will serve as a source of food for disabled veterans and a school gardening program.

This project is designed to train youth in gardening techniques and marketing skills to sale produce to the community.  It will allow our organization to grow food for veterans to supplement the VCS food program.  More importantly, it will keep our youth in a safe environment designed to reduce crime.  Interaction between the youth and veterans will reconnect the generations by working and sharing knowledge together. 


Please make a donation to this project to enable VCS to purchase tools, seeds, bedding plants, soil, lumber to build plots, tillers, wheel barrels and fencing to protect the garden.



Do you have a vehicle to donate? Please consider donating your used vehicle to VCS .  We are in need of a vehicle to carry veterans back and forth for treatment and appointments as well as  picking up donated items.  If you have a working vehicle in good mechanical condition and would like to donate it to VCS, please contact us.


Also feel free to donate cash toward the purchase of a Van.

VCS is seeking financial support to provide utility assistance for those in need.  This fund will make a one time payment to a qualified recipient towards a utility payment.  The funds are sent directly to the utility company in the name of the recipient.  Please give generously to assist this effort.